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Residential Solutions

“Our residential service specialists understand the unique challenges faced by homeowners living throughout the central part of the state, and our specialists have designed a portfolio of services tailored specifically to your needs.”

HVAC, Plumbing & Ventilation Solutions

In regard to your residential heating and cooling needs no other mechanical contractor has the range of expertise shared by the members of the Reliable Mechanical team. Together with our heating and cooling services, Reliable Mechanical’s comprehensive ventilation services and plumbing solutions give you a single office to call for every conceivable residential need, be it a problem with circulation inside your home, an obstruction within your home’s ductwork, or a leaky faucet.

• Traditional air conditioning units
• Traditional furnaces
• Hot-water heaters
• Boilers
• Radiant heating systems
• Ventilation services
• Plumbing diagnosis & solutions
• Duct and air flow design and troubleshooting
• Whole house air-cleaning systems
• System design and consulting services
• Environmentally-conscious green technologies
• Sump pump and back up sump pump systems
• Backflow systems and certifications

Preventative Maintenance

Simply put, the trained, experienced members of the Reliable Mechanical team consider a planned maintenance program the single most effective means of ensuring the devices that power your residence. Keep it comfortable year-round operating at peak performance for the lifespan of the equipment.

A properly organized and executed planned maintenance program will reduce costly and inconvenient emergency repairs, as well as interruptions to crucial residential services such as heating and cooling. It will also prolong the useful life span of the systems you rely on every day for hot water, clean air, and an otherwise comfortable lifestyle.

A successful planned maintenance program relies on the documentation of equipment condition and status for use as a base line to allow for the prediction and prevention of component failure. The residential client will receive a copy of our cooling and heating check-out sheets, which are completed for each piece of equipment based upon the inspection interval. By having this documentation readily available, a baseline of equipment performance can be established and on subsequent inspections any deviance from this baseline can be noted and dealt with accordingly by recognizing and correcting the problem before major equipment damage can occur.