Company History

For more than 100 years, Reliable Mechanical Company has provided heating, air conditioning, plumbing, refrigeration, sheet metal and a variety of other services to both residential and commercial customers


Reliable Opens its Doors

Reliable Mechanical was founded in 1902 by Chester Brownell, Senior. Known also as Reliable Plumbing and Heating Company, the company’s first location was established in downtown Champaign at 105 N Walnut St. on the land that is now occupied by the Sandwell building.


    New Location

    In 1923 Reliable Mechanical moved from N Walnut to 109 W University Ave.


    Company Growth

    From the beginning, Brownell placed tremendous importance on the quality of his company’s work and the integrity of the Reliable Mechanical name. Ultimately, despite relatively modest resources –including a hand-operated pump, oaken tub, and pot-bellied stove– Reliable Mechanical quickly blossomed into one of the area’s premier heating and plumbing operations.


    News Clipping


    New Location

    With Mike and Debbie’s grandfather and great uncle in charge Reliable Mechanical moved to 1607 S Neil Street.

      Third Generation Owner

      During the 1960’s, Richard Meislahn took over the company.



        Fourth Generation Owners

        Richard Meislahn’s children, Michael Meislahn and Debbie Clasey became the fourth-generation owners of Reliable Mechanical Company while located at 109 W Curtis Rd. in Savoy, Illinois.


          100 Years of Service


          Reliable Mechanical has grown into central Illinois’ premier full-service HVAC and plumbing operation, employing roughly 40 employees and providing service to residential and commercial customers within a 90- to 100-mile radius. Reliable Mechanical is now located at 1411 Interstate Dr. Champaign, IL.