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Commercial Solutions

“Reliable Mechanical offers over 100 years of experience, quality craftsmanship and customized solutions to cater to the needs of our commercial clients, regardless of the client’s size, industry, or complexity of the job.

Engineer Design Build/Assistance

With the construction industry moving towards “design/build” style of estimating, Reliable Mechanical has positioned itself to be a leading mechanical contracting company which can facilitate this type of construction. With in-house estimators, designers and engineering capabilities, we can meet the needs for the “design/build” customer who requests new and/or retro-fit projects. Using our internal resources, Reliable will work with our clients to establish budgets, schedules and an energy efficient design for all plumbing/HVAC projects.

Sheet Metal & Ventilation

Reliable Mechanical provides ventilation services through a ventilation division of the company. Contractors, property managers, and building presidents throughout Champaign County and across central Illinois have come to depend on the quality craftsmanship and customized solutions delivered time after time by the Reliable Mechanical team. Our industry accreditations may be viewed by clicking here.

• Ductwork fabrication
• Ductwork design and troubleshooting
• Custom sheet metal work
• Design, build, and consulting services
• Air cleaning systems
• Dehumidification
• Zone control systems
• Exhaust systems
• Ventilation design and consulting services
• Flow hoods
• Certified air balancing
• Fume hood certification

Furnaces & Boiler Systems

The installation and support of industrial and commercial grade heating  and cooling solutions are two of Reliable Mechanical’s core service offerings. Reliable Mechanical is proud to support the sophisticated temperature control and automation systems required by today’s cutting-edge building and construction facilities. Whether the need is simply to automate processes to improve your business’ efficiency or to rigorously control temperatures in a heat- or cold-sensitive environment, Reliable Mechanical has the solutions you need.

• Radiant heating systems
• Steam systems
• Hot water systems
• Design and consulting services
• Water source systems
• Reach-in coolers
• Walk-in coolers
• Freezer systems
• Ice machines
• Air-cooled units
• Chiller systems
• Cooling tower systems

Plumbing Solutions

Reliable Mechanical has a full-service plumbing department to cater to the needs of our customers, regardless of the client’s size, industry, or complexity of the job. Whether you need a storm water system installed at your commercial office complex or require a complex acid-waste disposal system for your industrial plant, Reliable Mechanical has the experience and expertise to ensure the job is finished on time and in accordance with any industry-specific regulations.

• Domestic water systems
• Storm water systems
• Backflow systems and certifications
• Medical gas piping
• Booster pumps
• Tankless water heater systems
• Sanitary and vent systems
• Reverse osmosis systems
• Acid waste systems
• Underground repair
• Sump and backup sump systems
• Design and build services

Preventative Maintenance & Performance Contracting

Simply put, the trained, experienced members of the Reliable Mechanical team consider a planned maintenance program the single most effective means of ensuring the vital infrastructure of your commercial business operates at peak performance for the lifespan of the equipment. A properly organized and executed planned maintenance program will reduce costly emergency repairs and unscheduled equipment downtime. It will also prolong the useful life span of your company’s HVAC equipment.

A successful planned maintenance program relies on the documentation of equipment condition and status for use as a base line to allow for the prediction and prevention of component failure. The client will receive a copy of our cooling and heating check-out sheets, which are completed for each piece of equipment based upon the inspection interval. By having this documentation readily available, a baseline of equipment performance can be established and on subsequent inspections any deviance from this baseline can be noted and dealt with accordingly by recognizing and correcting the problem before major equipment damage can occur.

Green Technologies

Reliable Mechanical is proud to offer the latest green technologies as an L.E.E.D. certified general contractor. Geothermal solutions are cost effective because they use energy so efficiently. This makes such solutions environmentally friendly, and with more and more attention given to conservation in all its forms, companies such as Reliable Mechanical have answered the call and implemented geothermal initiatives, hybrid systems, and gray water solutions.

These efficient, environmentally responsible solutions represent our commitment to quality, reliability, and a responsibility to the land that provides for so many across central Illinois.